THIRTYTWOSOME Reel (12th Jan 2016)

A Thirtytwosome reel at London Reels in our first session of 2016. Fear not if this looks tricky - a huge amount of help was made available to all before the event, and in the end not even a walkthrough was required!

John Carver
HOW-TO-REEL VIDEOS (v.2) now on Youtube

New improved versions of last year's reeling videos, now with crib-sheet style tips at the top of the screen. These can be seen on London Reel's Youtube channel here. Hope they'll stand up to scrutiny for years to come! :-)

John Carver

A new front window for London Reels, launched on 1st Jan 2016.  The site is now properly responsive to different viewing platforms, and all content has been updated and improved, 

We welcome any suggestions for improvement - please let us know here

John Carver