2019-2020 Season Dates

Our sessions take place at St Columba’s Church, Pont St, SW1X 0BD. Doors open at 6.45pm. Teaching from 7-8.15pm, then ‘Social’ until 10.30pm

Tues 17th Sept 2019 (7-10.30pm)
Tues 8th Oct (7-10.30pm)
Tues 12th Nov (7-10.30pm)
Christmas Party: Tues 10th Dec (with live band)
Tues 14th Jan 2020 (7-10.30pm)
Tues 11th Feb (7-10.30pm)
London Reels Ball: Sat 22nd Feb in Chelsea Old Town Hall
Tues 10th Mar (7-10.30pm)
Tues 14th Apr (7-10.30pm)
Tues 28th Apr (7-10.30pm) - extra pre-Cally session
Tues 12th May (7-10.30pm)
Summer Party: Tues 9th Jun (with live band)

Entry Fees

£9 normal fee (or £7 student entry - please bring student card)
£7 if wearing kilt/tartan skirt

*Card payments now possible (Dec 2018)*


£10 normal fee
£9 if wearing kilt/tartan skirt

A Typical Evening


In the first part of the evening from 7-8pm we teach 3-4 of the main reels (there are only 11 in total, so the taught dances rotate each month). The so-called ‘Social’ starts from 8.15pm (when the bar opens) during which we usually dance 6-8 reels, always including the same ones taught earlier. There are regular breaks to allow everybody to catch their breath and enjoy a drink / snack with friends. It's always a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, perfect for first time visitors, we hope!

We don't usually do any teaching during the 'Social', but beginners are encouraged to stay as there are always many experienced dancers happy to pair up and help out. There are also 8-10 committee members present at all of our practice sessions, any of whom will be happy to help you.

The last dance finishes at 10.30pm, just in time for last orders at one of the nearby pubs!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is London Reels?

London Reels is a club with the aim of offering reeling lessons and social reeling evenings to Londoners. The club was originally called Wandsworth Reels and was founded in 1971.

+ What's the difference between Reeling, Royal Scottish Country Dance (RSCDS) and Ceilidh dancing?

It's a good question, and a thorough comparison of the 3 can be found on the Wimbledon Reels website here. Suffice it to say that Reeling is less formal than RSCDS, "rather more rumbustious and physical with a lot of clapping, stamping and twirling of partners"!

+ Do I need to bring special shoes?

No. However, so as not to damage the hall floor, please don’t wear spike or sharp heels, or shoes with marking soles. Ladies often bring pumps/flats to change into.

+ What's the dress code?

We don’t have a dress code; many people come straight from work. Wearing a kilt does entitle you to a discount on the entry price. However, it can get quite warm and sweaty, so many people change into something cooler.

+ Do I need to book?

No! Just come along, and remember the first hour from 7-8pm is the teaching session.

+ I'm about to go to a ball or wedding. Which reels do you do?

We teach and dance a total of 11 of the most popular reels, including: Dashing White Sergeant, Eightsome, Foursome, Hamilton House, Duke of Perth, Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh, Mairi’s Wedding, Inverness Country Dance (Speed the Plough), and the Reel of the 51st. Videos of all of these can be seen on our Videos Page.

+ I've never reeled before. Can I still come along?

Absolutely! We teach at the beginning of the evening and you are most welcome. Do remember that the second part of the evening is untaught; we suggest you partner yourself with someone who knows what they’re doing! Videos of all the dances that we do can also be seen on this site, and may be helpful.

+ How many people usually come?

Reeling seems to be flourishing, as our numbers have grown considerably over the last 5 years. We now welcome between 200-300 guests every month, and sometimes more.

+ Do I need to ask if I want to bring a friend?

No! Just turn up. The more the merrier! However, if you are bringing a big party we recommend you arrive early.

+ Do I need to bring a partner?

No! Everyone finds their dancing partners on the night from among fellow guests.

+ Where else can I learn to reel in London?

View this page for details

+ Does London Reels have a Facebook page?

Absolutely! Click here to view

Video Tutorials

These are the video tutorials of the reels we practise regularly at Pont Street, created by John Carver. These have become the go-to resource for anyone learning to reel, and are hosted on our YouTube channel. Thank you to all of the volunteers who feature in them!