2018-19 Dates

Tuesday 18th Sept 2018 (7-10.30pm)
Tuesday 9th October (7-10.30pm)
Tuesday 13th November (7-10.30pm)
Christmas Party: Tuesday 11th December (7.30-10.30pm)
Tuesday 8th January 2019 (7-10.30pm)
Tuesday 12th February (7-10.30pm)
Tuesday 12th March (7-10.30pm)
Tuesday 9th April (7-10.30pm)
Tuesday 14th May (pre-Caledonian ball) from 7-10.30pm
Summer Party: Tuesday 11th June (Summer Party with Supergrouse)

These dates are shown in the calendar below which also includes details of other reeling practices and Balls during the season.

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