About London Reels

London Reels meets once per month (September - June) in the lower hall of St Columba’s Church in Pont Street,  SW1. This is a fantastic venue which can accommodate over 250 dancers on its large wooden dance floor. 

We welcome novice and experienced reelers from around the world of all ages and backgrounds to share in this most beloved of Scottish pastimes. 

At London Reels we teach and practise a limited number of dances (11 in total, all of which are shown here). This makes it easy for newcomers and those who only dance occasionally to learn them and join in. Beginners are especially welcome, and we pride ourselves on our ability to convert sceptical first-timers into reeling devotees!

Reeling is a popular choice for many weddings, reunions, birthday parties and Christmas or New Year celebrations throughout the UK.

From September to June, London enjoys a busy reeling ball season, with white and black tie events held in several of the city’s Royal palaces and private members' clubs.

Reeling is a very energetic and social form of exercise – prepare to break sweat and have a thoroughly enjoyable time!