A Typical Evening


In the first part of the evening from 7-8pm we teach 3-4 of the main reels (there are only 11 in total, so the taught dances rotate each month). The so-called "Social" starts from 8pm (when the bar opens) during which we usually dance 6-8 reels, always including the same ones taught earlier. There are regular breaks to allow everybody to catch their breath and enjoy a drink / snack with friends. It's always a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, perfect for first time visitors, we hope!

We don't usually provide any teaching during the 'Social', but beginners are encouraged to stay as there are always many experienced dancers happy to pair up and help out. There are also 8-10 committee members present at all of our practice sessions, any of whom will be happy to help you.

The last dance finishes at 10.30pm, just in time for last orders at one of the nearby pubs for those seeking to quench a thirst!

  • Check out our Teaching Videos if you want to brush up on the dances before you arrive
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions can be read here